Media Relations & Digital PR

Media Relations & Digital PR

A tailored, creative and forefront approach to build effective messages and increase the communication about products and ideas.

We develop contents, by selecting themes, tools and platforms through which communicate in the most effective way the media needs of our clients.

We act rapidly on the topical subjects of the cultural, political and economical debate and we give life to an image or a message in a very unique, original credible and commendable.

  • Monitoring and Analysis

    We analyze with quantitative instruments the level of sensitivity and awareness of the press, of the trends, topics flagship, web reputation and web sentiment of the network towards of customers and their belonging area.

  • Building Strategies

    We define communication plans through the use of traditional media, of the web and all of its tools : from the corporate website and social media, about most influential blogs, pointing to the construction of the story and its progressive dissemination.
  • Operational Support

    We build network, relations, networks of contact through tools which will accredit the client to the National Media and the main blogger and influencer of the network, by optimizing and adapting professionalism and results arising from the activities of Public Affairs e Strategy & Regulation

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