Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Integrated Strategies to anticipate institutional scenarios and build a fruitful dialogue with decision-makers and stakeholders.

We’re monitoring, analyze and anticipate the regulatory process at Community, national and local level. We build networks of relations with the aim to inform and raise awareness among the public decision-making on specific political and economical issues.

We draw up public affairs strategies combining all the communication tools, with a focus on the digital world. We use a cross-sectoral approach and not partisan in the dialogue with the stakeholders and policy-makers, for our clients, the opportunity to take action about issues of interest in a efficient, timely and transparent manner.

  • Strategic Analysis

    We spot the business goals to define a publics affair plans at National and Local level.
  • Lobbying Activity

    We develop a mapping activity of the main decision-makers and influencer: we define accrediting program with the political decision-makers of the Parliament and the Government; We perform a direct activity of representation of the client interests; We present amendments and paper to the Institutions.
  • Monitoring and Back office

    Monitoring of the regulatory activity : regular reporting over the course of legislative measures; intelligence of the Italian political landscape.
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