Paolo Mardegan


With 20 years of experience in the Digital Media, Paolo Mardegan was founder and CEO of DigiTouch Group SpA (founded in 2007 as innovative digital marketing agency which has become a company public AIM Group in the Italian market since march 2015), co-founder and CEO of Audiens (mobile data platform of profiling and analytics, firs mover in Europe), CEO of Performedia, Chairman of E3, CEO of Back Office Srl and Managing Director of Performedia and Member of the 2017/2019 IAB Italy Board of Directors.

He is currently CCO and co-founder of FIDO, a digital credit & risk scoring platform that allows to assess the fraud risk and quality of customers through the analysis of their online behaviours and the use of artificial intelligence.

Previously he has been Premium Services Director of NeoNetwork, Head of Product Development at Buongiorno S.p.A. Has essayist he wrote 3 volumes: “Digital Advertising 3.0. Il futuro della pubblicità digitale” (Apogeo Editore, 2016), “Web 2.0 – marketing pubblicità” (Sprea, 2009) e “Mobile marketing: la pubblicità in tasca” (Fausto Lupetti, 2012).

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